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Past Pupils
Angela Towler
London Contemporary Dance School (1992-1995)
Richard Alston Co. (1995-1999) | Rambert Dance Co. (1999-present)

Janette Bruce
Meryside School of Dance and Drama (1994-1997)
Teaching in Liverpool

Alison Gee
London College of Dance (1994-1997)
Teaching in Aberdeen. | Founded own school 1997

Suzanne Hamilton
Alvin Ailey School (USA 1998-1999)
Taught In Canada | Danced abroad professionally | Now has own dance school.

Laura Buchanan
Stella Mann College (London 1996-1999)
Danced abroad professionally | Now has own dance school

Joanne Fitzgerald
Stella Mann College (London 1997-2000)
Danced Professionally. Now teaching in Guildford

Alison Prentice
Stella Mann College (London 1998-2001)

Sarah Christie
London University-Performing Arts (1998-2001) BA Hons
Teaching dance and musical theatre in London.

Michelle Whyte
London Studio Centre (1998-2001) BA Hons
Partner at Danscentre.

Eilidh McDonald
London Contemporary Dance School (1999-2001) BA Hons
Has been teaching for Citymoves in Aberdeen as well as freelancing in Edinburgh and Australia

Scott Christie
Mountview TheatreSchool
Working as a professional actor. Appeared in the ‘Yank’ and the Edinburgh Festival

Sophie Gorrod
English National Ballet School (1999-2002)
Dancing professionally

Callum Nicol
London Studio Centre 2000-2004 (BA Hons.)
Dancing professionally. - credits include Chicago, Jack and the Beanstalk at Aberdeen's HMT, Grease and Macavity in Cats.

Laura Main
Webber Douglas Theatre Academy
Working as a professional actress appeared with ‘The Royal Shakespeare Company’ and in Television productions of ‘Murder City’ & ‘Monarch of the Glen’.

Beth Hurley
Studied Contemporary Dance in New York

Emma Chapple
Dance School of Scotland

Emma Pinsent
Italia Conti School, London(2000-2003)

George Adams
Anniesland College - HND Community Dance
Telford College, Rambert Dance School BA(Hons) 2006
Dancing professionally for various companies .

Ruth Eaton
London Studio Centre 2002 (BA Hons)
Commercial dance work in London

Kirsty Black
London Studio Centre 2002 (BA Hons)
Dancing professionally abroad.

Fiona Skene
Laban Centre 2002 (BA Hons)
Teaching at Danscentre

Holly Williamson
Northern Ballet School, Manchester
Dancing Professionally

Michelle Smith
Scottish School of Contemporary Dance (2004)

Larissa Hancock
Northern Ballet School (2005-2007)

Laura Creaney
Northern Ballet School (2005-2007)

Leigh Thomson
Dundee School of Contemporary Dance (2005-2009)

Adele Smith
Laban (2006 - 2009)
Now teaching dance abroad

Laura Grattidge
Laban (2006 - 2009)

Maxine Hamilton
Ballet West 2007-2008,
Teaching at Danscentre 2008- 2011,returning to complete degree at Ballet West 2011

Brooklyn Adebowale
Rambert Dance School (2007 –2010)

Katie Armstrong
Rambert Dance School (2007 – 2010)
Dancing professionally in London

Caitlin Ward
Doreen Bird (2007 – 2010)
Dancing professionally (Cruise Ship)

Ruaridh Duguid
Doreen Bird (2007 – 2010)
Studying at Post Graduate level at RADA (2010 – present)

Tome Levi
Studying at LIPA (2007 – present)

Lewis Seivwright
Studying at Rambert Dance School (2010 – present)

Robert Noble
Studying at Rambert Dance School (2010 – present)

Douglas Moir
Studying at Doreen Bird (2010 – present)

Samantha Wingfield
Studying At London Studio Centre (2010 – present)

Kirsten Joss
Studying at London Studio Centre (2010 – present)

Keith Low
Studying at Telford College (2010 – present)

Emma Mc Boyle
Studying at Laban (2010 – present)

Gordon Raeburn
Studying at Laban (2010 – present)

Kirsty Ogston
Studying at Telford College (2011 – present)

Miriam Duff
Studying at Telford College (2011 – present)



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