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Mindfulness Week

Carrying on from our very successful DC choreography week last term, we decided to hold a Mindfulness Week for this term's DC feature week! Like the choreography week, we used the classes to create a focus on Positive Mental Attitude and mental wellbeing. Alongside this, we gave students the opportunity to design and create their own poster as there are lots of inspirational quotes on being positive and working hard when things may be a bit challenging. Check out the video below too see what our students got up to during the week:

Classes took part in various activities throughout the week including group discussions, yoga/meditation sessions, group tasks and games to explore their feelings and how to adopt a growth mindset. See some photos of what we got up to below:

Creating Mindfulness Posters

We asked our students to create their very own mindfulness posters to be displayed at our DC studios and venues! Students designed posters based on their favourite motivational quotes, and created mind-maps around how they care for their own mental wellbeing.


Yoga is a fantastic way to clear the mind and regain focus! Students from as young as Primary 1 to S6 all enjoyed these sessions and left classes feeling calm and rejuvenated!

Motivational Flash Cards

Students chose their favourite motivational statement that best describes how they approach their focus within class to gain the best experience during their time in the studio!

Bring in your Favourite Toy

Some of our youngest students were encouraged to bring in their favourite toy and expressed why they love their toy and how it can make them feel better when they may be unsettled.

Guided Meditation

Senior students took part in a guided meditation with the aim to feel complete relaxation and have a clear mind. Reflecting on the before and after, students felt more focused, less tense and re-energised after the meditation. It was a big hit for all!

Overall, it was a wonderful week and great to have a focus on something that is so important for us all to take into our daily lives. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of our next DC Feature Week coming up in the new year!



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