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Charlotte has worked with Danscentre for ten years, where she is a Senior Teacher within the school.

As well as teaching classes at all levels from preschool to Advanced, she also works to develop and support teacher training at the school and has I.S.T.D approved tutor status. She is a registered teacher of RAD (RTS) and I.S.T.D

Charlotte’s professional dance career has seen her perform in Die Zauberflöte and L’Orfeo under the direction of Gilbert Defoe and Jordi Savall, respectively, at the Edinburgh International Festival. She has also performed in many Edinburgh Festival Fringe productions such as 42nd Street and the Edinburgh Mela.


In addition to her work with Danscentre, Charlotte works for the Royal Academy of Dance as a freelance Practical Teaching Supervisor, assessing students on RAD teaching courses such as C.B.T.S and D.D.T.S.

Throughout her career, Charlotte has taught in a diverse range of schools beginning with a contract with Thomas’s London Day Schools upon graduation. She has also taught on Higher Education dance courses within Scotland.



BA (Hons3) Art and Teaching of Ballet

LRAD (Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Dance)

Registered teacher of RAD





RAD Practical Teaching Supervisor

RAD Diploma in Dance Teaching Studies Tutor

I.S.T.D Approved Tutor Status

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