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We are delighted to be launching our Danscentre Boys' Academy (D.C.B.A), which aims to provide an environment that is tailor made for boys, creating a camaraderie and connection with other like-minded boys from throughout the Northeast of Scotland. D.C.B.A will allow boys to share their love of dance whilst learning new performance skills and working towards performance opportunities. The benefits of participating in dance training are well known and supported by many years of research. Boys learn that dance is demanding physically as well as cognitively, allowing them to develop their social skills, providing an emotional outlet now to just their well-being but to their studies and chosen career paths. Read on for testimonials from past DC boys sharing their experiences about how dance has benefitted their lives now:


(DC pupil 2001 - 2011)

Dancing was a memorable part of my childhood and teenage years, where over a 10 year period I benefited from a positive development in my physical and emotional wellbeing. Having a hobby to regularly dedicate time and effort helped with school studies, by providing both enjoyment and stress-relief. Not only was I given a broad range of opportunities to perform on stage and work towards exams, but I learnt many valuable transferrable skills that can be applied to my career as a surgeon. Movement and co-ordination improved everyday dexterity in the workplace, and a sense of motivation and achievement are both synonymous with academic careers and dance. I would recommend dancing as a hobby to anyone wanting to stay healthy and have a fun, eventful hobby!


(DC pupil 2003 - 2013)

I was always hesitant to start dancing because of all the stigma around male dancers however, after starting mid-way through secondary school I never looked back. The friendships, banter and amazing opportunities dancing gave me was completely different to any other extra-curricular activity I did. If I was ever stressed about schoolwork, exams after dancing I would feel completely refreshed and re-energised. The opportunity to perform in the Royal Albert Hall not just once but twice was an unbelievable experience that I could not have even dreamt of. Dancing kept my mind so active and helped understand my bodies movement. The fact I went from being hesitant to then be performing in prestigious venues gave me drive and belief in myself. That self-belief has since helped me graduate university with a BEng Hons degree and now helping me climb the corporate ladder as an engineer. Dancing gave me a lot of self-drive and a sense of not giving up. From learning a new intricate dance in a studio ending in performing it with my best friends on stage. That self-drive has never left my side and helped me achieve things I wouldn’t have thought I would even try, such as building my own car. Dancing isn’t always on the forefront of a lot of guys minds when growing up, but the things dancing gives you as a person will help you no matter what industry / career you end up moving into or life goals you have.


(DC pupil 2002 - 2012)

Dancing is one of my earliest memories of feeling part of a group and being passionate about a hobby with my friends. Through my childhood and into being a teenager, being involved with dance gave me so many exciting and unique opportunities to grow as an individual, whilst keeping healthy, both physically and mentally. Dancing gave me a sense of musicality early on, which has really carried through to my adulthood, where I’m still playing and enjoying music. The social skills gained, as well as discipline and teamwork have benefitted my greatly throughout my undergraduate degree in pharmacology and now into my masters. I would recommend dancing to anyone who wants a unique, opportunistic and fun hobby.


(DC pupil 2001 - 2016)

Dancing has always been a huge part of my life and I really don’t know what I would have done without it!

From a young age dance classes were always the highlight of my week and as I got older they became the perfect stress relief, not mention meeting some of my best friends.

Not only do I feel grateful for the physical benefits of dancing from a young age but I also am very grateful for the mental attributes it has given me. Self-Motivation, discipline, pride in appearance, respect, etiquette, concentration and a sense of individuality are just a few things I feel dancing from a young age have given me.

Fortunately through a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck I get to dance as my profession today and love it just as much as I did when I was 5 years old. Dancing has created so many opportunities throughout my life time and it has even taken me around the world. I would recommend dancing as a hobby for anyone whether you have aspirations to turn it into a career or just as a way to keep healthy and happy.


(DC pupil 2013 - 2019)

My love of dance started off in a boys hip-hop class at Danscentre. Aged 11 I was persuaded to try first a modern class, and then a ballet class by Danscentre principals Karen Berry and Michelle Whyte. I’m forever grateful that they saw something in me and encouraged my interest, as I was soon enough hooked and my life course forever altered. I am now in my 3rd and final year of my BA(Hons) at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London. I’ve had the opportunity during my degree to work with amazing teachers and choreographers. I hope to go on following my degree to audition successfully for a Contemporary dance company and to have a career in dance performance.


(DC pupil 2010 - present)

When starting at Danscentre, my main interests were with Modern and Tap. I am glad I was encouraged to push out of my comfort zone, and to branch out into other genre's of dance. The amount of opportunities it has given me, whether that is on stage or in the studio, has been so fulfilling and are memories I will carry with me forever. A career in dance does not always have to be the option though - I'm currently a university student and I am able to keep up at dance classes solely as a hobby. Dance has taught me many things however the most important for me was how it helped me find a sense of originality within myself.


(DC pupil 2015 - 2021)

When first starting at Danscentre, I was training as a rugby player alongside my dance classes. During this time, my time at Danscentre taught me how dance is athletic, and that professional dancers are athletes as well as artists. Which was a massive inspiration for me in wanting to go and study dance especially as a boy who came from a sporting background. I enjoy the creative and physical challenges dance has to offer me. I recently started my further dance training at Northern School of Contemporary at Leeds, studying towards my BA(Hons) in Contemporary Dance.


(DC pupil 2007 - present)

Having attended Danscentre since I was 3 years old, it is very much a part of my life and feels like family! Dancing has taught me the importance of hard work, dedication and perseverance in achieving your goals. I really believe my achievements outside of Danscentre are down to the strong work ethic dancing has given me and this will take me far in life. I have also enjoyed every minute of it!


(DC pupil 2005-2017)

I started dancing at around six years old and have been doing it ever since. A multitude of benefits have stemmed from my dancing. I have made many great friends and developed both my physical fitness and strength whilst also learning about a fascinating art form. Furthermore, I’ve learned to appreciate the importance of perseverance and time management, juggling dancing commitments with school exams. This left me well equipped to navigate my university experience, pursuing my degree whilst holding various committee, teaching and choreographic positions within the university’s dance club. This enabled me to further my teamwork and leadership skills whilst also meeting others who share my passion for dance. Dance provides the ideal hobby for anyone, allowing you to zone out any worries and focus on whatever your next exam or performance may be. I’m confident that the skills I gained throughout my early dancing years will remain with me for years to come.



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