We are delighted to be launching our Danscentre Boys' Academy (D.C.B.A), which aims to provide an environment that is tailor made for boys, creating a camaraderie and connection with other like-minded boys from throughout the Northeast of Scotland. D.C.B.A will allow boys to share their love of dance whilst learning new performance skills and working towards performance opportunities. The benefits of participating in dance training are well known and supported by many years of research. Boys learn that dance is demanding physically as well as cognitively, allowing them to develop their social skills, providing an emotional outlet now to just their well-being but to their studies and chosen career paths. Read on for testimonials from past DC boys sharing their experiences about how dance has benefitted their lives now:


(DC pupil 2001 - 2011)

Dancing was a memorable part of my childhood and teenage years, where over a 10 year period I benefited from a positive development in my physical and emotional wellbeing. Having a hobby to regularly dedicate time and effort helped with school studies, by providing both enjoyment and stress-relief. Not only was I given a broad range of opportunities to perform on stage and work towards exams, but I learnt many valuable transferrable skills that can be applied to my career as a surgeon. Movement and co-ordination improved everyday dexterity in the workplace, and a sense of motivation and achievement are both synonymous with academic careers and dance. I would recommend dancing as a hobby to anyone wanting to stay healthy and have a fun, eventful hobby!


(DC pupil 2003 - 2013)

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