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DC Leavers 2023

As we head into our final Senior Review show and last week of term, we are celebrating our DC students who are leaving to pursue tertiary education and begin their adult lives. All of us here at Danscentre are so proud of these students for what they have achieved and we wish them all the best for their new adventures!

Kirsty Hogg

Kirsty started dancing at Danscentre aged 3 at the Rubislaw Church Hall with Miss Skene. Kirsty has been a DC class assistant for many years, particularly at our City Centre venue of the past few years. After Summer Kirsty will be going to Bird College for the BA in Professional Dance and Musical Theatre.

Scott Milne

Scott began his Danscentre journey with Miss Louis for Boys Hip-hop at the age of 9 years old, which lead him to begin classes in Ballet, Modern and Contemporary. Scott will begin his vocational training at Central Ballet in September.

Erin Moir

Erin started dancing at Dancentre on Hutcheon Street when she was aged 3 and has been at Danscentre ever since. Erin has been a big part of our DC assisting team over the years as well as dancing her own classes. Erin has an unconditional offer for the University of Glasgow to study Business and Management starting in September.

Evie Bell

Evie started at Danscentre from the age of 3 at Cults West Church Hall with Miss Summers and has been dedicated to her dancing ever since. Evie will be heading to Robert Gordon's University to study Physiotherapy in September.

Anouk Denniel

Anouk started dancing at the age of 4 with Danscentre at Craigiebuckler Church Hall. As of September, Anouk is going to study Accounting and Finance at the University of Strathclyde.

Ellie Ghani

Ellie started dancing at the age of 3.

at Craigiebuckler Church Hall with her first teacher being Miss Moir. Ellie is hoping to attend the University of Edinburgh to study Medicine.

Darcey Yang

Darcey began her dance journey with Miss Skene at the age of 4 at Peter Nicol Squash Centre. Darcey will continue her higher education by attending the University of St Andrews to study Economics.

Norah Wagealla

Norah started at Danscentre with her first teacher being Miss Hamilton at the age of 3 years old at Craigiebuckler Church Hall. Norah is off to study a BA Hons in Medical Sciences at Edinburgh University

Morven Allan

Morven started attending dance classes with Miss Whyte at Cults Church Hall at the age of 4 years old and has danced ever since, as well as assisiting classes at Craigiebuckler and Cults. Morven will be heading to study Law at the University of Glasgow.

Katie Mclay

Katie's first teacher was Miss Summers in the Pre School at Peterculter Village Hall. Katie has always been on hand to assist classes at DC venues such as Cults and Peterculter over the years. Katie will continue her studies by attending the Univerisity to study Accountancy.

Chloe Burns

Chloe first started dancing whilst living in Brazil at Espaço da Dança when she was 5 years old. She started dancing at DC in 2019 with Miss Whyte being her first teacher. She is hoping to go to University of Edinburgh to study Languages.

Olivia Lindsay

Olivia started dancing at the age of 2 years old at Craigiebuckler Church Hall and has attended Danscentre classes for many years. Olivia will be attending the University of Glasgow to study French and Geography.

Lyndsaymay Duncan

Lyndsaymay started dancing from the age of 2 years old and started attending Dansentre in 2019 with her first teacher being Miss Whyte. Lyndsaymay will continue her vocational training by taking a BA course in Theatre Dance at London Studio Centre.

Aiana Higginson

Aiana started dancing at age of 3 in baby ballet and her first teacher I was Miss Smith and her first ballet teacher being Miss Berry. Aiana is hoping to go to University of Glasgow to complete a Masters of Science in Mathematics.

Jagoda Skiba

Started dancing age 7 with her first teacher at Danscentre being Miss Thayne. Jagoda will begin her further studies in English and Creative Writing and Journalism, Media and Communication at Strathclyde University in September.

Angela Petrone

Angela started after she turned 3 years old with her first teacher being Miss Summers at Craigiebuckler. Angela is hoping to go to The Imperial College of London to study Medical Biosciences to start as of September.

Abigail Robb

Abigail started her dance journey with DC at aged 5 with Miss Whyte and Miss Smith as her first teachers. Abigail will begin her studies by heading to the University of Edinburgh to study Psychology and Business in September.

Lizzie Booth

Lizzie has attended Danscentre since 2011 at Rubislaw Parish Church with Miss Murray and has been a dedicated student since. Lizzy absolutely loved her time at Danscentre, and was particularly inspired by the shows at HMT. Recently Lizzy has become involved in backstage management for a number of performances and theatre productions. All this experience was put to good use when she successfully passed the interview at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire to study for a 3 year BA in Production Technology and Management. Lizzy will also continue to play piano and viola and dance when the opportunity arises.



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