We wish to congratulate 39 of our senior pupils who recently sat their ISTD Modern exams remotely through filmed examinations at Danscentre. From Grade 4, 6 and Intermediate levels 74% gained Distinction (80% and above) and the remaining pupils Merit (65 - 79%). This is a remarkable achievement and shows that online training played a key role in keeping up technique, motivation and focus between March and September 2020.

We are so proud of their resilience, commitment and positive- can do attitude!

In particular we’d like to highlight 3 pupils who overcame additional challenges in reaching this goal. Andrew (Grade 4) had a period of self isolation in November as well as a few high temperatures which kept him out of the studio longer than most!

Nicole (Grade 6) worked through a back injury much of last year and stayed motivated even when she couldn’t dance full out.

Finally Aidan (Intermediate) overcame significant interruption to his training due to a nerve compression injury which impacted his participation for over 4 months. We are over the moon for all the pupils and teachers involved and hope their success inspires everyone to keep reaching for their goals no matter how long and hard they have to persevere!