Learning at Home with Danscentre.

At Danscentre all children from our youngest Pre-schoolers through to our Advanced level students have been engaging with our eLearning Programme. The results have been outstanding and have seen our students consistently progress in their learning: not only developing physical skills but creativity, self-efficacy and esteem. We have ensured through the delivery model, structure and curriculum that students’ needs are prioritized, enabling them to feel as secure and as connected as they can be to their teachers and peers. Their continued learning is our responsibly and priority and we are continually reflecting and evaluating our processes and practices to ensure we as a school remain as effective as possible.

Although back in March 2020, when the whole country ‘s education system was thrown into the new world of eLearning, there was little research to determine which model of delivery was the most efficient. We are delighted to discover that current research now highlights that our blended model: a combination of both synchronous (Zoom) and asynchronous learning (Digital: google classrooms where recorded classes, tasks and feedback are uploaded) is the most effective model of delivery.

LEFT: ADV F Contemporary Improvisation. Task - stimulus verse from Tam O'Shanter, Robbie Burns,

A blended model helps students’ learning to accelerate, engaging critical thinking and develops autonomy and resilience. Of course, we knew that implicitly!

Without a doubt the blended model of delivery has helped us as teachers to maximise engagement and motivation.

It is not possible to share all development aims, activities and events of this term but see below for two of our main artistic objectives:

1. Provide access to all students to view live or streamed high-quality repertoire from a range of professional dance companies.

Upper Junior and Senior school and their families have been gifted tickets to see:

· Raymonda (Royal Ballet) Grade 7-8

· La fille mal gardeé (Royal Ballet) - Grade 4-6

· Alice in Wonderland (Royal Ballet) - Grade 3

Lower Junior School and infant School and families have been provided with links to see:

· Little Red Riding Hood (Northern Ballet) Pre-School- Grade 2

· Frozen, Staged Musicals UK. Pre-School- Grade 2

LEFT: Chloe Reid (age 8) wrote: Dear Danscentre, Thank y