2020-21 Journey - What A Year!

Once again, we have all experienced yet another extraordinary year! We have seen our students return to the studio twice over the past 9 months and when at home, continuing their learning via our e-learning platform. If this year has taught us anything, it is that the only thing we can be sure of is uncertainty itself. However, it’s been astonishing to see how our students have managed to quickly adapt to this new way of learning and how, since returning finally in April, they have accelerated through this Term’s objectives.

Term 1

Started the term on Zoom before returning to the studio on Sept 14th!

Staff Updates

  • Miss Fraser was a teacher at Danscentre since 2016, and left us at the beginning of the year to pursue her full time teaching career at RGU Nursery.

  • Miss Hutcheson joined the DC team for the year, teaching at Danscentre on Tuesdays and Saturday. Next year she will be moving to Edinburgh to work at a gym/studio - we wish her all the best!

  • Ex-pupil Murray Williams joined the DC team as a Hip Hop teacher and coordinator.

  • We were delighted to announce the safe arrival of Miss Weston’s baby girl Harper in November!

  • Michelle turned 40 and Sue turned 60!


Our new Danscentre tracksuits were a big hit and it has been lovely to see so many pupils of all ages wearing them to class.

New website

We were delighted to have launched our re-designed website at the end of 2020 - check it out at the link below! Take a look at our exciting selection of photos in our gallery, and videos on our video page!