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SQA National Progression Awards in Dance

Over 20 pupils have been entered for SQA Choreography and Jazz Level 5 dance units which contribute to the National Progression Award. Pupils studied dance history and choreography as well as perform sequences to show technical and artistic skill. As part of the assessment, students take part in a physical dance classes as well as contextual tasks and creative workshops . Huge congratulations to all who have been involved!

NPA Choreography

See below a video of our students who are currently completing the NPA unit in Choreography. This piece was created by the students using props and set as their stimulus as well as exploring use of voice. They were inspired by the works of Jasmin Vardimon Company:

NPA Jazz

Pictured below, we have our NPA Jazz students who sat their physical dance assessment earlier this year. They have since completed an investigation into the origins of Jazz dance and are currently finishing off the unit with a written analysis of our chosen influential choreographer Bob Fosse.


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