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This year has been a little bit challenging to say the least, but after some reflection time we’ve realised how equally extraordinary it has been.

Rather than focus on what we may have lost, let’s remind ourselves of what we have gained. Within Danscentre, the sense of community and common purpose has never been more tangible. Skill levels have not only been maintained but significantly increased as a direct result of increased students’ autonomy, resilience, and motivation.

We have never been made more aware of the uniqueness of our business, and value of our mission: ‘learning how to learn’. This generation of Danscentre students have set the barre high (excuse the pun!). Our future generations will continue to be inspired by their resilience and cannot fail to continue to thrive.

See this wonderful example of student learning and choreography, ‘Studio to Sea’ devised for the Unit: ‘Technology and Dance’ for the National Certificate of Dance (NC). Kiera, Lily Bell and Daisy all 14 years old, Advanced Foundation Ballet RAD and Advanced 1 Modern ISTD, devised the piece to demonstrate their planning, creation and evaluating skills, comparing and contrasting the sensations of performance platforms and spaces. Enjoy!


by Kiera, Lily Bell and Daisy, students at Danscentre

"For our piece 'Studio to Sea' we decided to use the idea of having a proper dance floor again as many people have been dancing on carpets and unsafe flooring over lockdown. We used this idea for the start of our piece and had it develop into the idea of being able to jump and travel again. We wanted to incorporate another location whilst filming as well so we used a beach to show that being back in the studio feels like you are somewhere so much greater and bigger. During our floor motifs we wanted to show ourselves lying in the sand and rolling across it as sand often has connotations of being soft and carrying joy so when we switched between using the studio floors and being on the sand it showed how much better the studio floors felt."

On behalf of all teachers and staff at Danscentre we thank you all for your continued support and wish you all the very best for 2021!




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