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ISTD Creation 2021 Success:

Michelle Whyte awarded 'Outstanding Teacher'.

Seven students awarded placings within Creation 2021 competition.

The Modern Theatre Faculty invited teachers and dancers from around the globe to enter their creative work into their online choreography competition; “CREATION 2021”. The results have now been released and we are thrilled, if not a little overwhelmed, by our competing dancers' success! Seven Danscentre students, ranging from 10-18, have been awarded within the categories listed below. Not only have our students been recognised but our very own co-principal Michelle Whyte who has been jointly awarded the 'Outstanding Teacher Award' from all entries worldwide!! The award recognises outstanding teachers who have imparted to their students, tenacity, technique and passion even through the adversity of this past year. We all know how much Michelle gives to all our pupils and teachers at Danscentre but to be recognised globally is truly outstanding!

Considering our recent success at the Royal Academy of Dance 'Dance Challenge' choreography competition, with all our entrants winning all categories, we are truly confident to be recognised as one of the most prestigious and esteemed recreational dance schools within the UK .

Age 7-10 Solo Category - Launching Thurs 29th July

Charli Morrison - Commendation -

Erin Eastaugh - Runner Up -

Beatrix Louis - Runner Up -

Age 11-14 Solo Category - Launching Fri 30th July

Ruth Makoni - Finalist -

Keira Hair - Runner Up -

Age 15+ Category - Launching Sat 31st July

Marcus Burns - Commendation -

Suzanne Hair - Finalist -

With entries from all over the world, we are so proud that seven of our students have received awards for their hard work. So worthy of note is that although competitors could use teachers' choreography we only submitted pieces choreographed by our students themselves! So a huge congratulations to them all for their fantastic achievements!



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