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Online Learning: Infants


We are extremely grateful to all our parents and guardians for ensuring that learning and training continues by taking the time to enable their children to link successfully to us through their Google classrooms and live classes.

As our Juniors and Seniors can navigate Zoom and into their Google classrooms more easily, we appreciate that our younger students do need parental support.

Credit to parents guardians and teachers for keeping our youngest engaged! Classes via Zoom are supported and consolidated though our online classrooms where extended learning, tasks and uploads are used for further development.

Children have been busy learning a diverse range of repertoire and involved within choreography challenges and tasks.. By ensuring that we generate conditions that stimulate student engagement we will help to ensure that the well being and development of all our students flourish through these challenging times.

We first salute our youngest members who not only demonstrate great confidence and self esteem but a wonderful level of skill and of course great enjoyment! Well done to all!

  • Eilidh Kennedy age 4 demonstrating her natural turn and developing a lovely sense of epaulement.

  • Karolina Adamcio, age 5, using the theme of Snow White to create her own choreography.

  • Felix Louis age 6, showing sheer enjoyment and great control in his traveling movements

  • Deborah age 5 copying older sister Lizzie during class- adorable!



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